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Cornfield Soldiers - From Utah Beach To The Elbe River/

sweet tea and sweet jesus

Title:       Cornfield  Soldiers - Utah Beach to the Elbe River:

               The Story of the 238th Engineer Combat Battalion During World War II

             Author:      Paul Michael Frazeé

Publisher: Graphic Publishers

ISBN: 1-882824-32-6

Category: Historical Fiction

Reviewer:  Pat Avery, lead reviewer for Military Writer’s Society of America


Cornfield Soldiers tells the story of the US Army's 238th Combat Engineer Battalion. Based on historical events, the author turned his conversations with WWII veteran Ernie James into a novel. It's Ernie's story, and the story of his unit, as they marched across Europe building hundred of bridges from D-Day until the end of the war in Europe.


The 238th, a highly decorated unit, landed on Utah Beach on the morning of June 6, 1944. Frazeé's book offers us a fictionalized account of these young soldiers who fought their way from the beach across France and Belgium to the Elbe River in Germany. Along the way, they built hundreds of bridges and laid thousands of mines.


It's Thanksgiving Day, 1991. Mr. Sean Kennedy, of Sutter Creek, CA., has invited his old Army buddies for dinner. There the stories of the war flow as the men relive old memories. We follow the 238th from D-Day through the remaining days of the war in Europe. i


Although the men reference the early WWII days, Korea and Vietnam, the story focuses on the days leading up to D-Day and beyond. We see the war through the eyes of the young men of the 238th; Charlie Wilkes, Dexter Dannenberg, Ian Henry, Michael O'Hara and Sean Kennedy interwoven with Ernie James' story.


Charlie joined the Army in 1942. His best friend, Randy Roberts, was on the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941, leaving a pregnant wife, Sharon. Charlie had been best man at his wedding.  Charlie is chomping at the bit in California when Sharon visits him. After the baby's birth, Charlie marries her.


Author Frazeé's dialogue attests to his knowledge of the historical details. His characters come to life as we watch them grow up, develop relationships and face war.  We share their experiences building bridges, their encounters with the Resistance and the traitors within the organization, the French and Belgium citizens, and their battles with the Nazis.


Cornfield Soldiers is author Paul Frazee's third novel. Paul utilizes his years of interviews to tell his story.  His previous military fiction titles are Waiting for a Rainbow - Coming of Age in Vietnam, and Summer Storm - Prelude to Pearl Harbor.

Frazeé served in the Army and California Army National Guard. He spent nearly a year with the 8th Infantry Division at Bad Kreuznach, Germany followed by a tour in Vietnam. He retired from the Army National Guard and teaching social sciences and now he spend his time working on his fifth novel, To Do All, To Stand - a Korean War novel.


                            Author:      Paul Michael Frazee'

Publisher: The Shenandoah Project
Historical Fiction

Sweet Tea and Sweet Jesus is Paul Michael Frazee's fourth novel. Thr
ough the fictional characters of Marine LCpl(s) John Edward Randolph of Germantown, Tennessee, and Josiah Forrest Parker of Holly Springs, Mississippi, author Paul Michael Frazee' takes his readers from the halcyon days of the summer of 1937 in the small, historically-rich burg of Holly Springs, to the steamy, enemy-infested jungles of Guadalcanal in the late August of 1942 to the brutal fight for Mt. Topatchau on Saipan during the closing months of the war. 
   Interspersed with the desperate flight by the Marines, Frazee' straps his readers into the cockpit of a B-17 on a mission known as Black Sunday - the United States Army Air Corps' strategic bombing of the oil refineries of Ploesti, Romania - a mission in which five Medal of Honors were awarded.
   In a novel steeped in history, Frazee' explores the racial attitudes of African-Americans and white Southerners during the 1930's and 1940's; while also delving into the psyche of LCpl. Josiah Forrest Parker as he returns from war, highly decorated, but plagued with demons that he tries to drown in alcohol. 
   Filled with hysterical conversations, sophomoric behavior, passion-filled afternoons, brutal combat and spiritual redemption, Sweet Tea and Sweet Jesus, is the first novel of Frazee's second trilogy on warfare during the 20th Century.


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