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Waiting For A Rainbow - Coming Of Age In Vietnam

Waiting For A Rainbow - Coming of Age in Vietnam tells the story of an Episcopal priest who is planning to retire from the chaplaincy of the United States Army after serving for nearly 25 years. Yet the situation in Kuwait is boiling over and the colonel knows that he has one more war to fight before he fades away.

As he's driving down from his home in the Granite Bay area of Sacramento County to the Sacramento Metropolitan Airport to pick up his oldest boy, the highly decorated soldier has a difficult time focusing on the traffic on the interstate. Interspersed between last-minute preparations for his deployment, the Bay Area native's mind is filled with visions of young Americans being blown apart by enemy fire.
Of hopelessness, grief and tears. Of Vietnam.

Curious to know about his father's wartime experience (and the mystery of how he got his name) the colonel's oldest teenage son begins asking a lot of painful questions. A long-sealed Pandora's Box opens -- and this gripping and tautly-woven story starts to unfold.

Suddenly it's 1967 again, in Nha Trang, South Vietnam, and 19-year-old PFC Ohara is beginning a long journey into war, love, life. . . and death.

Waiting For A Rainbow - Coming of Age in Vietnam is Paul Michael Frazee's first book. It is a powerful flashback to the passions and violence of the Vietnam War at its height on the eve of the Tet Offensive, and based on some of the author's own experiences while serving with the 1st Signal Brigade in Vietnam in Southeast Asia.

Waiting For A Rainbow - Coming of Age in Vietnam will have you on the edge of your seat. You won't be able to put it down -- until the  final, ironic curtain falls.
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