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Summer Storm - Prelude To Pearl Harbor

Summer Storm - Prelude to Pearl Harbor is the second of Mr. Frazee's novels and this time the author takes his readers to the twilight period just before hostilities started in Europe in a thrilling spy novel that is steeped in history and exceptionally well researched.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. Feb 13, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Summer Storm: Prelude to Pearl Harbor by Paul Michael Frazee is a good, old-fashioned World War II spy thriller that starts in a rather unlikely place, a hot gymnasium in Iowa on Memorial Day weekend in 1939.

Frazee braves the waters by centering his book around two gay characters, with two different stories: one of intrigue in pre-war Nazi Germany, and the other of an unsolved murder back home in Iowa.

While one young man attempts to hide his homosexuality behind his girlfriend's skirt, his lover travels to Germany on the pretext he'll be working for William L. Shirer of the Chicago Sun Times.

In reality, Dexter Danneberg is about to begin a dangerous odyssey of immense proportions -- Berlin back alleys, London's raunchy underbelly and befriending the leader of the soon-to-be-formed French Resistance.

His significant other, Randy Roberts, is experiences a life-altering journey, from alcohol and abortion to rampant promiscuity.  One burning question propels the reader: if they survive, what are they left with?"

Here is what others are saying about Summer Storm - Prelude to Pearl Harbor:

"In Summer Storm- Prelude to Pearl Harbor, Paul Michael Frazee' has set himself the daunting task of giving us a panoramic view of the events leading up to World War II.  Its thrilling action, its surprise twists and turns of the plot are meticulously researched...

Through the motivations of its main character(s) [both gay] we encounter compassionate depictions of various aspects of love, and their corollary, hatred and violence, made plausible  by the urgency of stemming the Nazis' intolerable and senseless acts of barbarism. In the course of these sweeping events, which are charged with the high drama dictated by those crucial times, we encounter many prominent personalities of that tense era of the thirties and forties.

More than that, the story is skillfully brought down to the level of individuals who lived and suffered through those defining moments of the 20th Century. Its spine-tingling tales of intrigue, of espionage and counter-espionage make this a must read."
    GERDA WEISMNN KLEIN,  subject of 1995 Academy Award Winner, Best Documentary, Short,
One Survivor Remembers.

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